38 weeks…. Operation get this baby out

imagesOk… I decided to wait until now to try to push labor along. I’ve been having stronger, more frequent Braxton hicks contractions and a lot of pressure. No one knows if any of these methods work but I figure it can’t hurt to try. I started my morning by rubbing the pressure point that is three fingers above your inner ankle bone. The exact location can be found by googling or watching YouTube. Now I am sitting in a warm bath. Next I plan on going to the grocery store to not only walk around but grab some “labor inducing” items like raspberry leaf tea, something spicy and pineapple. Ill blog more after this to let you know my progress.

Ok… It’s now 10am and I’m having horrible pains in my back and on my left side. Almost feels like round ligament pain that comes and goes. Doesn’t feel like my contractions with my daughter. Hmm?

11am: Well I had some raspberry leaf tea and pineapple. Contractions anywhere from 5-15min apart.

12:30-1: ate lunch. Contractions slowing down. Currently bouncing on a yoga ball

2:00: no more contracting. 😦

Contracted on and off all night but nothing consistent.


4 thoughts on “38 weeks…. Operation get this baby out

  1. I tried everything and nothing worked for me.. well actually I did have a curry the night before but I was eating curry on a daily basis at that point! lol
    I still didn’t go into full blown labour my waters broke at 40+5 but I wasn’t contracting fast enough so I ended up getting induced.
    I hope you have better luck than I did, I remember being so uncomfortable and not being able to do anything ‘just in case’ xx

  2. Starting at 38 weeks I started taking evening primrose oil and blue kohosh capsules, walking up and down stairs daily, eating spicy foods, bouncing on a yoga ball, getting adjusted by a chiropractor, having sex almost every night…pretty much everything in the book. Then the day before my due date I pressed the pressure point inside my ankles off and on the whole day and started having contractions on my due date. My son wasn’t born until almost 3 days later though 😳
    They come when they’re ready, but it doesn’t hurt to try and help them along 😄

    • I think it helps me cope with this pregnancy because I at least feel like I am doing something to help myself. If anything I at least feel like I am helping my body prepare for labor. I did all of these things with my first and I truly believe it helped my labor be easier.

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