36 weeks, 5 days— Early labor signs?

Wooohooo… I am in the home stretch now. I decided that I am going to blog frequently over the next several weeks so I can keep track of my symptoms. Last time friends/other pregnant women asked what my symptoms were leading up to labor and it was hard to determine or I forgot. This time I figure if I blog about it and then go into labor days later I will be able to tell everyone specifically what my early labor signs were.. Make sense? I feel like I am rambling, but oh well. FYI: This will be major TMI…

In the last week this is what I have experienced…

  1. Peeing: I am getting up now 3-4x consistently every night to pee. I also find that I am emptying my bladder A LOT more during the day but it is just little dribbles at a time. At night usually after I put E to bed I notice that I have to get up every 15-20 minutes to go. My stomach will get really crampy before and after urinating as well.
  2. Bowels:They are much more inconsistent over the last week. I used to be VERY regular and now I am having much more frequent, small BM’s. Also… Lots of gas…
  3. Heartburn: My heartburn is back. It went away a few weeks ago and has now suddenly returned. I get it no matter what I eat.
  4. Appetite: My appetite has slowed down a lot. I used to be hungry 24/7. Now I am still hungry, but when I eat I find that I have less and less room and get full quickly.
  5. Nesting: I keep feeling the need to make lists and prepare for baby. I have an overwhelming urge to stock up on grocery, freeze meals, finish the baby’s room and CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!
  6. Sleep: I am having a really hard time staying asleep at night. I wake up to pee for the 3rd or 4th time around 5 or 6am and usually cannot fall back asleep. I am WIDE awake.
  7. Swelling: Most people are probably thinking feet or legs… Nope. You may remember me talking about the swelling down south in previous posts. Well…. This has now become 10x more swollen. The baby must be very, very low causes a lot of pressure.
  8. Aches & Pains: My lower back is very achy. My pelvis feels sore and even my cervix has a dull ache.
  9. Temper/Patience: I have absolutely none. Everything frustrates me. Everything is becoming more and more difficult including bathing and dressing E (who fights me the whole time). My husband doesn’t close the cereal box and I literally want to punch him.
  10. Baby’s Movements: His movements have become a little bit less frequent, but when he does move I feel like I have a full grown adult inside me rolling around. He is definitely getting strong.

I hope this helps some of you who may be wondering what are some late pregnancy symptoms.


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