26 days and counting…

I am officially 26 days away… and trust me I am counting every second. I had my 36 week appointment this morning. I am measuring 35cm at 36 weeks which is much better than the 30cm I was measuring at 34 weeks. I think baby finally had a little growth spurt and he was just in a different position today. They did a sono because it appeared that he had maybe flipped and thank God he did not. He is still head down and at this point it likely that he will stay that way. I am so excited to meet my little man, but I am beginning to get very nervous about having 2 babies!

Here is my update.

Symptoms: Heartburn has returned and it is awful. I thought because he had dropped down so low that it was gone forever. Unfortunately, I think the growth spurt has caused him to push on my stomach again. I had a bad episode with morning sickness again last week and I am hoping to have some relief again. My pelvis and cervix are really sore. I am starting to cramp a lot more and the back pain is worse than before.

Weight Gain: I am at about 19lbs, so it looks like I will be right around the 25lb mark when I deliver.

Clothes: I am almost entirely out of regular pants with my bellaband. But I am pretty happy that I was able to wear them as long as I did. I have less than 4 weeks and I only have about 4 maternity work pants. I am definitely not buying anymore so I’m going to have to make this work.

My daughter: My daughter is becoming closer and closer to potty training. She goes 2-3 times a day on the potty and wakes up everyday dry from her naps. This is a huge success, but I am worried that she will go backwards once the baby comes. Oh well… All I can do is continue to give her praise and encouragement.

Left to do:

Finishing packing hospital bag–need to pack camera, cell phone charger, etc. Mostly things I can’t pack until the last minute.

Finish baby’s room– We have one more picture to hang and I need to buy a changing pad cover since we still use E’s in her room.

Carseat installed

Baby Clothes washed

Stock up on groceries


Keep up with housework/cleaning– Want to keep up with this stuff as much as possible so when the baby does arrive I am not returning to a messy house.

Buy Big Sister Gift for my daughter


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