The Terrible Two’s Begin…

Oh… yea…I am pleased to announce that my 20 month old daughter has started the terrible two’s within the last month or two. What perfect timing when I have another baby due in 4 weeks. I am really trying to get a handle on them before the baby comes. My daughter has always been ahead with milestones so I should have guessed that she would start them early. She is a determined, strong-willed, smart, independent little girl. I love these things about her because it is what makes her just like me, but damn… It also makes her tantrums not so fun. Everything we do whether its getting dressed, pouring cereal, filling up her sippy cup, giving her a bath.. All I hear is “mommy I do.” Which is great because she wants to be independent, but if I am in a hurry or it happens to be something that she cannot do on her own (pouring milk in her sippy) she has a complete melt down. I feel bad telling her “No” for these types of things because it is not like she is doing something wrong. I try to calmly explain to her that Mommy has to help her with certain things. This usually results in her screaming “No.” At this point, I walk away and let her cry. She sometimes will lay face down and periodically look up to see if I am paying attention. Then within about 2-3 minutes she has calmed down. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I am just fearing that these will only get worse. They seem to be getting more frequent. I guess I should count my blessings that she is able to calm herself down because I have heard that some children go on forever and need reassured after a few minutes because they cannot soothe themselves. I am also worried that a new baby will only make these matters worse. Any advice?


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