34 week update

Ahhhhhh I am officially 34 weeks and 2 days… 5 weeks and 5 days to go. I am just beyond exhausted and uncomfortable and I cannot wait to have this child. I want to be able to hold him and see how my daughter interacts with him. Part of me is a little sad for her though. I know that this will be a major change in her life, and it makes me sad to think she will be jealous and confused for a little while. I know it is a part of life and she will be fine, but it is still sad. I am sure any mom having #2 can understand my concerns.

I had my 34 week appointment this morning and I got to see my favorite midwife! I have only been able to see her twice this pregnancy because she is awesome and everyone wants to see her. She is the nicest, happiest most calming individual that I have ever met. She is like everyone’s mother. She measured me at 30cm.. yikes. Oh well. Thankfully because I saw her almost exclusively throughout my first pregnancy she knows how I carry my babies. She wasn’t concerned in the least and knows that my daughter was born at nearly 8lbs. How is it that I gained 4lbs from 30 weeks to 32 weeks and 0 lbs from 32-34 weeks? I feel like I am doing the exact same things if not eating more. But I guess it is still an average of a lb a week….

Symptoms: I feel like all I do is pee particularly at night when hubby and I watching tv. I get up at least every 20-30 minutes. It starts to get really annoying. I also have to get up at least 2-3 times a night. Every so often I feel like little man is just kicking or punching away at my bladder or rectum (very strange feeling). He is super low in my pelvis which is causing all sorts of other discomforts as well. I have started cramping at least once per hour lately, which is apparently normal especially with a second pregnancy. I am really, really thirsty all the time as well. I feel like I cannot get enough food, but when I eat I get full fast.

Weight Gain: I have gained approx 16-17 lbs. Apparently this is still within normal range, but on the low side of normal. I guess shamrock shakes just came out, so I bet those lbs will pack on soon! 😉

Clothes: I officially cannot wear my skinny jeans with my BellaBand anymore. They don’t feel comfortable anymore. I am still wearing normal work pants though because they still seem to fit ok. I am almost entirely in maternity shirts mainly because the others are too short. I just miss my wardrobe so bad. I cannot wait to wear cute clothes and high heels again. Although, while nursing your wardrobe is limited as well because you constantly have to think if you are going to have easy boob access or not.

My Daughter: My daughter has recently begun to have “tantrums.” I am hoping that if I work on correcting this behavior they will not get any worse. (haha funny right?) She has started to put herself on the floor face down and cry when I will not let her do something. For example, when I put milk in her sippy cup she gets really mad because she wants to do it herself. Obviously, a 20 month old cannot pour milk. She just wants so badly to be independent. I usually ignore her behaviors after trying to explain to her that mommy needs to help with certain things. She stops within a few minutes. I am worried about this behavior beginning so close to the arrival of another baby… Yikes…


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