Differences between my pregnancies (Conception-Week 27)

pregocomparisonWe have all heard things from the peanut gallery regarding 1st pregnancies and second/third pregnancies. Well I am here to give you my honest feedback. The truth is the things that everyone tells you are not necessarily true. (PS: The pictures are me at 26 weeks exactly in both pregnancies)

Getting Pregnant

1st pregnancy– Well I got pregnant on my honeymoon. My husband and I decided that since we were married we would eliminate birth control because we did want to start a family and figured it could take a few months (especially with my history of ovarian cysts). Uhh no got pregnant the first month!

2nd pregnancy– It took us 2 months this time.

Finding Out

1st pregnancy- I think I was more in shock that I was pregnant after one month. I tested 4 days before my missed period and it showed up positive. I remember being scared, excited and nervous.

2nd pregnancy- After I got my period the first month of trying I was shocked. I half expected it to happen quickly again. Then when I tested the 2nd month my tests kept showing up negative until the day of my missed period. This time I was happy, excited and then a little like Oh Damn… now I can’t have lunch meat, wine, etc. 🙂

First few weeks (5-7)

1st pregnancy- I felt normal for the most part. No real symptoms. I started to get a little tired toward the end of week 6 and my boobs were relatively sore.

2nd pregnancy-Same exact feelings, but started feeling nauseated during the middle of week 6 in the morning. I was able to eat a few crackers before getting out of bed and this seemed to help.

Weeks 7-12

1st pregnancy- Holy Shit… All I remember is waking up with the feeling that if I didn’t sprint to the toilet I would vomit all over myself. I remember waking up from a deep sleep and running to the bathroom. I would dry heave for minutes until I eventually puked up bile. (sorry TMI). It was very hard to eat anything for the first few hours of the day and I would force myself to stuff something in. After about noon I would be ok, but extreme exhaustion would set in around 2 or 3pm. My appetite was minimal and I usually ate soup. (Midwife put me on zofran at about week 8 which helped me a little bit).

2nd pregnancy- I was still dry heaving and throwing up bile but it took about 10 minutes to feel this way. After my little spell I would be perfectly fine to eat whatever. I craved egg & cheese sandwiches every morning. Then the nausea would set in again in late morning and it would be hard to eat the rest of the day. (Midwife put me on zofran at around week 8 again). This time.. it prevented the morning vomiting, but I still felt nauseated ALL DAY. 😦 Exhaustion set in once again around 2 or 3pm..

Weeks 12-16

1st pregnancy- After week 12 the nausea starts to decrease, but I still vomited until about week 16. I still hadn’t gained a single pound until about week 15. I didn’t look pregnant at all. My boobs were still the same size. I opted for the genetic testing and freaked out completely until I received the results.

2nd pregnancy- Vomited all the way through week 16. Still did not look pregnant. Gained maybe a pound around week 16. Only real huge difference was that my boobs were HUGE by week 7.

Weeks 16-20

1st pregnancy- Felt baby kick right at 17 weeks. Started gaining about a lb a week at around week 18 and started showing a very tiny bit. Had anatomy sono at week 19 and my little girl wouldn’t let us see what she was! I was sooo devastated.

2nd pregnancy- Felt baby kick around week 16. Started gaining about a lb a week at about week 18 again. Had anatomy scan at week 20 and little man let us see!

Weeks 21-26

1st pregnancy- Hubby felt the baby move around week 21. He was very excited. I also started waking up to pee in the middle of the night around this time. Finally found out at week 22 that baby was a girl. Finally felt like I had some energy back around this time. I was hungry all the time and was still gaining around a lb a week. Starting reading to baby and it made her kick all the time. Measured 24cm around 25 weeks. Got hydronephrosis (inflamed kidney) from the baby laying on my ureter causing urine to backflow into my kidney. (very painful)

2nd pregnancy- Have to pee all the time. Got hydronephrosis AGAIN but it started a few weeks earlier. Baby boy kicks like crazy. I can feel and see little heels coming out on the side of my abdomen. Weight gain is a little slower this time. Measured 23cm at 24 weeks.

Weeks 27& 28

1st pregnancy- Kept having dreams that baby was a boy! Started feeling her little heels kicking out my sides. Gained about 10-11lbs.

2nd pregnancy- VERY intense kicking especially after eating. Measuring 26cm at 28 weeks. Gained about 10-11lbs.

Cravings in both pregnancies: Oranges, clementines, spicy food, Chinese food, cereal

WOW … Could this pregnancy be any more similar?


2 thoughts on “Differences between my pregnancies (Conception-Week 27)

  1. What an awesome post! Of course after that post I wrote on my take on pregnancy/delivery, etc. people started telling me to “just wait” until the second time around. Your side-by-side pregnancy comparison calmed me down a little. For some reason I feel like it’s going to be just like the first time – not as bad as everyone says! Thank you for writing!

    • Everything has been soo similar and since the beginning everyone kept saying “oh you are having another girl then.” Well not the case. I wish people would just shut up sometimes haha 😉

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