Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy

I know I bitch a lot about pregnancy so I thought I would write about the positive aspects of pregnancy. Of course, the best benefit is your beautiful little bundle of joy! However, there are many, many more that you might not be aware of.

  1. Easier/Less Painful Periods- Many women experience easier and less painful periods after having at least one pregnancy. This means lighter bleeding and little to no cramping. (I can confirm this personally!)
  2. No Period for 9+ months- Umm.. Hello? Did you even realize how awesome it is not to have your period AT ALL for at least 9 months. If you breastfeed this can be even longer. I didn’t get my period until 7 months postpartum.. It was awesome!
  3. Better Sex- Many women talk about their sex lives being the best during pregnancy. This is usually during the 2nd & 3rd trimesters when you are feeling a little better. This can be due to an increase in hormones or greater sensitivity in your southern region.
  4. You are usually the healthiest that you have ever been- Think about it. You are eating better (or should be), you take a multivitamin daily, you have quit drinking and smoking, and you are under the constant supervision of a doctor.
  5. Moods Stabilize- Many women experience a more stabilized mood after the birth of their first child. I can honestly say this is true for me. I have some mild anxiety and I have really not had any issues since I had my daughter. I am not sure if this is due to hormonal changes or maybe just that I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.
  6. Less incidents of autoimmune diseases like MS- Scientists have shown that women have a decreased risk of autoimmune diseases with each pregnancy. This is because your immune system adjusts during pregnancy so that your body does not reject a fetus. Also, women who already have a diagnosed autoimmune disease usually see a great improvement in their symptoms for this same reason.
  7. Healthier Heart- It has also been shown that your risk of heart attack and stroke decrease with each pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes.
  8. LESS RISK OF CANCER- This is one of the greatest benefits of all. Science shows that women have a decreased risk of ovarian and breast cancers. Apparently, the fewer periods you have causes less estrogen and progesterone in the body which can lead to cancer. Also, you have an added benefit if you breastfeed. These changes in breast tissues make your cells more resistant to cancer.

YAY!!! See it isn’t all bad.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy

  1. Thanks Kim! My anxiety actually skyrocketed during my first pregnancy, and I was very concerned about it getting even worse postpartum. However, after having my first it almost completely went away. I think a lot of is putting things into perspective now. You really realize that you cannot sweat the small stuff.

  2. Nice to focus on the positive aspects for sure!! Yes, I’m a Diabetic, but this has been my healthiest pregnancy EVER. I love that I haven’t had a period since July and hopefully won’t for a long time, depending on how long baby girl breastfeeds for 🙂

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