Differences between first pregnancies and second

pregnant-woman-bookThere are many differences between your first pregnancy and your second or any subsequent ones. It is amazing how much our thoughts and priorities change.

Reading Books

1st pregnancy- You buy several books about pregnancy and read them cover to cover. You marvel over each week and what new developments your baby is going through.

2nd pregnancy- You are lucky if you have time to read your twitter feed.


1st pregnancy- You avoid all caffeine, all soft cheeses, alcohol, junk food, etc.

2nd pregnancy- You can’t function without your daily cup of coffee, you eat the soft cheeses that you love and you’ve had a glass of wine or two.

Calling your OB

1st pregnancy- You call your OB with every ache and pain or cramp.

2nd pregnancy- You don’t notice these aches and pains and even if you do.. You say “Ehh… It’s fine”

Your Social Life

1st pregnancy- You still hang out with all of your single friends, go out to dinner, go to the movies, shopping, etc.

2nd pregnancy- Your social life consists of playdates with other moms and you are totally ok with that.

Thinking/Talking about Baby

1st pregnancy- Every thought and every waking moment of your life is spent thinking, talking and planning for baby.

2nd pregnancy- Oh Shit… thats right I’m pregnant. I should probably get the nursery together (at 39 weeks).


1st pregnancy- You take birthing classes, childcare classes and prenatal yoga

2nd pregnancy- Umm.. Hobbies? What are those? You are taking care of another child and usually 99.99% of your time involves taking care of them.. and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Packing your hospital bag

1st pregnancy- You have your hospital bag packed at 30 weeks. It has 7 outfits for the baby, 40 diapers, 6 outfits for you, 3 cameras, 5 magazines, your Ipod with a birthing playlist, 10 pairs of underwear, a cute non-maternity outfit for you (haha),breastfeeding pillow, lotion, body wash, shampoo, razors and every other completely nonessential item.

2nd pregnancy- You pack your bag while in labor with maternity clothes to wear home (because you know better this time), you skip the underwear because they give you the disposable kind which work better anyway since you bleed all over everything anyway, skip the diapers since they give you a pack, and throw in a onesie last minute for the baby… Oh shit.. need a camera.. OK.. Perfect 🙂


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