Interesting facts about pregnancy that you might not know…

1. 25-30% of couples who are actively trying to conceive, get pregnant in the first month! Wow.. this is really high.

2. At any given time, 4% of US women are pregnant. See you are not alone!

3. Your baby receives the nutrients from your food before you do. This also means that if you skip a meal your baby will draw out nutrients stored in your body.

4. Your baby’s genetic material stays in your body for life. This was discovered a few years ago, when women were found to have cells containing Y chromosomes in their blood postpartum. It truly is amazing how connected we become with our children.

5. Women really do “glow” during pregnancy. This is usually do to the increased blood flow and increase in oil. Kinda gross but it makes us look beautiful!

6. Sense of smell and taste increase in women during pregnancy. Scientists believe this is to help pregnant women avoid toxins that could harm the fetus.

7. Your feet can grow up to 1 size during pregnancy. This is due to relaxed ligaments, pressure and increase in fluid. Most likely they will go back postpartum.

8. Pregnancy cravings can be a sign that your body is lacking a certain nutrient. Craving ice cream? You might need calcium.

9. Your uterus increases 500 times during pregnancy and can weigh as much as 2lbs. WOW!

10. Your gums and nose might bleed more frequently during pregnancy. This is due to your hormones that increase blood flow. (Be careful when blowing your nose, brushing & flossing!)


3 thoughts on “Interesting facts about pregnancy that you might not know…

  1. God I hope my feet don’t grow (not pregnant but TTC). I am already a size 10, right on the cut off before you have to go to special stores. Fingers crossed I miss that pleasant symptom!

  2. Never knew about the chromosome part! And @Rowan, mine didn’t grow either. I got some swelling during the last three weeks and it all went away as soon as the baby was out, so don’t worry.

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