What it is really like to take a toddler to the doctor

My first child is a beautiful, bright 18 month old girl. She is outgoing, independent, caring, loving & very smart. I know everyone tells you that there child is smart, but this girl is too smart for her own good sometimes. However, I love every ounce of her.

Just today she had her 18 month appointment this morning. We arrived in the waiting room and it is full of patients, mostly newborns in car seats. My daughter really isn’t interested in babies (thankfully) because I ALWAYS hated when germy toddlers would try to come up and breathe or touch my infant. I didn’t want to have to keep telling her “No.” They have the waiting room decked out in a jungle theme decorated with stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling and walls. Genius on their part. We spent these ten minutes walking around to everyone animal making their “sound.” Finally, just when she decided to start climbing on chairs they called us back. She did fine with letting the nurse weigh and measure her. Then of course, the office was running behind and I had to attempt to entertain her for 30 minutes in a small exam room. She wanted to get down and run around, but she was only in a diaper since they had just weighed her and needed her unclothed for the exam. I didn’t want her all over the dirty floor or getting into everything. I decided to pull out a toddler ABC game on my iphone. Thank God for Fischer Price apps. This helped for about 15 minutes. (PS- My child like 99% of toddlers does not sit still AT ALL) Then she wanted to wash her hands in the sink. Ok… Then we played with the contents of my purse.. Oh Thank God… The doctor knocked on the door and came in. She did the usual questions and told me that my daughter is still in the 95th percentile for height! YAY! I am so praying that this child gets my height because my husband’s family barely has anyone over 5’7”. I was trying to discuss my daughters recent habit of being a picky eater with the doctor and my daughter decided she didn’t like me not paying attention to her. She proceeded to grab my face with hands and turn it toward her and say “Mommy!”  “Mommy!”. I swear she had never done this before and chooses now to do it in front of the pediatrician. The doctor thankfully told me that the picky eating is a way for a lot of assertive toddlers to show their independence. I think this was her nice way of saying it. She told me to keep trying the same foods several times and she may like them one day and hate them the next.. It is normal. We were discussing other normal things when my daughter decides to take the stool, stack it on top of the chair and try to climb this entire mountain. It is amazing how you only have conversations while multitasking these days. I’m not sure I heard very much of the doctors advice. I also was told to take away her pacifier.. Ahhh.. My daughter ONLY takes it at naps and nighttime. I’m slightly embarrassed to even admit that, but we had a hard time getting her to fall asleep on her own and I’m terrified to change anything in her routine. The doctor told me I must take it away before the new baby comes. Great… Looks like I am going to be getting sleepless nights again before the baby is born. Then came her flu shot.. God.. This was so much easier with an infant. She now knows it is coming. She was squirming and yelling. The nurse is telling me to hold her down.. Uhh.. I’m trying. She finally gets her and of course my daughter looks at me with a look of betrayal. Luckily, she gets over it pretty quickly because she fascinated by the Mickey Mouse band-aid. Phew.. Can you imagine if our moods changed this quickly? Next, we have to check out and reschedule her 2 year visit. Yeah ok.. I’m holding my daughter to prevent her from running around and she is wiggling and stretching trying to get loose. This is super fun especially being 6 months pregnant. The receptionist asks me if some date in June works better for morning or afternoon. Lady… Does it look like I have my shit together enough to know if June 12th is better in the morning or afternoon. I say “Sure” to the morning and all of a sudden realize that I will be bringing a 2 year old and an almost 3 month old to this visit… HOLY SHIT…


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