Pregnancy Week 20-23

22Ahh.. I’m hungry. Anyone else? I feel like no matter how much I eat at this point I am always hungry. I just cannot feel satisfied lately. This is probably because this little boy is growing so quickly at this point. He is really moving around like a wild man lately. It feels like I have a full-grown newborn in there moving around. However, he is probably only about 1 pound and 11-12 inches long. I have suddenly also come down with the urge to pee every 3 hours at night.. I just love waking up at 12am, 3am and 6am. Booo.. I can’t seem to get comfortable. I was lucky enough to have a coworker say “Wow.. look at your little bump. If I didn’t know you were pregnant, I would just think you were getting a gut.” Thanks.. I really love hearing these tidbits. Word of advice. If you think you want to make a comment to pregnant woman about her changing body.. Don’t. We hear comments 24/7 and sometimes we just want to talk about something else besides the fact that we are inevitably going to get VERY big. I’m also growing out of more and more of my regular clothes. I remember when I delivered my daughter I was so excited to be able to just wear all my clothes again and feel comfortable.

I’ve started rubbing BioOil all over myself again. I swear by this stuff. I did not have a single stretch mark when I was pregnant with my daughter and I do not plan on getting any this time. I also try to drink as much water as possible since it is so great for your skin as well. The only downside is that it is greasy feeling until it dries completely, but it is well worth it. On the topic of skin.. My hands are SOOO dry. I always have dry skin in the winter, but it seems like when I am pregnant it is worse. I know my body is probably extracting all of the necessary water for the baby, but damn… I look like I have old lady hands even though I lotion them up several times a day.

You know what else no one tells you? You get hairier. Not just the hair on your head either. I have to wax my upper lip twice as much. And my leg hair? Forget it. It is almost a lost cause to try to keep up with that. I feel like I am turning into a hairy beast. My razors are so dull after one shower. lol. TMI? Oh well. That is what this blog is about!

So to sum it up.. At this point.. I am hairy, greasy and look like I have a gut.. I am one sexy girl.


One thought on “Pregnancy Week 20-23

  1. I have never had to shave my stomach until I got pregnant. I am a hairy pregnant ape. With dry hands, as well! T’is the season?

    And… you are only a few weeks behind me and you look like you’ve swallowed a grapefruit. I look like I’ve eaten a whole orchard’s worth.

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