Registering for your baby shower- Part Two

Ok… Here goes the rest…


  • Baby shampoo/wash
  • Baby washcloths and hooded towels- check to make sure they are thick towels. They make these thin cheap ones that are a huge waste of money and fall apart in the wash.
  • Baby bathtub- I recommend a bathtub that works for infants and toddlers. Many of the tubs are designed for one or the other. This one made by Summer will grow with your child and BONUS it folds away. These tubs take up a lot of room.
  • Baby Health/Grooming Kit- These usually contain a thermometer, brush, comb, toothbrush, medicine syringe, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, etc. These are great to have because they include everything you need. The thermometer will only be used as a backup since I recommend a different one below.
  • Thermometer – Definitely register for an ear or forehead one. It is a lot easier than trying to use a rectal thermometer and a lot safer. I always keep my rectal one for a backup though.
  • Humidifier- Register for a GOOD cool mist humidifier. This will be a lifesaver when your house is dry in the winter or when your little one has a cough.


  • Breast Pump (If you choose to breastfeed)- Check with your insurance company. You may be eligible for a free breast pump if your doctor or midwife writes you a prescription for one.
  • Nursing Cover– This was literally my favorite thing ever. Some people just use a receiving blanket, but I am not that talented and it was a lot easier for me to have it hooked around my neck and not worry about exposing my boobs.
  • Nursing Pillow – I registered for the Boppy, but a few of my friends liked different brands. My Boppy was great for nursing, propping baby up during tummy time, and helped support her while she was learning to sit.
  • Nipple Cream & breast pads (if you think you have enough nursing pads buy 2 more boxes)
  • Milk Storage bags
  • Burp Cloths & bibs
  • Bottles- I recommend Dr. Brown’s. They have an entire kit with 4oz and 8oz bottles right in there. Just register for this kit. These bottles are very highly rated and I loved them.
  • Bottle brush & drying rack
  • Bottle Warmer – Some people think these are a waste, but when you have a screaming, hungry baby and you want to heat a bottle quickly you will wish you had one!
  • Pacifiers & Pacifier Clips
  • Highchair – I recommend one that has a newborn insert and also turns into a booster seat.
  • Bowls, Cups, Utensils & Sippy Cups- Trust me this will come up fast! You will be surprised how quickly you will need these items


  • Rattles, Soft books – you probably won’t need to register for this. People ALWAYS get these items for you.
  • Activity Gym- This is a must have. These are great to lie baby under for stimulation.
  • Teether.. The only teething toy you need is Sophie. Trust me on this.
  • Books- I had a friend that asked everyone to bring a book in lieu of a card for the shower. And asked everyone to write a message in the book. Great IDEA!
  • Jumpers, Exersaucer- They love these!

Clothing:umm… Yea.. People LOVE picking out outfits that they think are adorable. No matter what you register for people will still pick out what they like. I recommend not wasting time registering for cloths. You will likely need to buy these yourself when you return their items (haha) or when you buying what is left on your registry. But here is what you need.

  • Sleepers- one or two newborn sizes, 0-3 months & 3 months to start
  • Onesies, pants, socks, booties
  • Gowns- Yes even for boys. They are so much easier to change diapers in.
  • Outerwear – get the right size for the season


  • Don’t register for newborn diapers (someone will always buy these). Register for bigger sizes. You only need newborn diapers for a week or so.
  • Wipes & Wipe Warmer
  • Diaper Rash Cream – have a few different brands on hand. Some work for some kids and not for others.
  • Diaper Pail – There are a ton on the market and some uses their own bags or your own bags. I like my Diaper Genie.
  • Diaper Pail refills


  • Cupboard & drawer latches
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Outlet covers
  • Baby gates
  • Coffee table/End Table Corner Covers


  • Car mirror
  • Extra Carseat for hubby’s car or extra carseat base- We only had the one infant car seat that came with the travel system. We put a convertible car seat in my hubby’s car. These go from newborn (5lbs) to toddler.
  • Car window shade
  • Travel Highchair – great for restaurants with no highchairs, grandparents house, etc
  • Baby Monitor – get one with a camera not just the sound.

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