Anatomy Ultrasound/First Half of 2nd trimester

At this point, you probably had your first trimester ultrasound which showed a cute little jellybean bouncing around in there. It is exciting and amazing, but just wait until you get to see your little peanut at about 20 weeks for the anatomy ultrasound. You will be so amazed at how much your baby has grown. The 2nd trimester is full of growing. It is around this time that you will likely feel your baby kick for the first time. This will feel like little flutters at first and will quickly feel like your baby is thrashing around like crazy. With my first pregnancy and this one I feel them kick a lot in the evening and after I have eaten. At this point, I haven’t been able to see the movements on the outside yet, but that is always fun. My husband is always freaked out by this. You should also be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat with a fetal doppler heart rate monitor. I purchased one of these pretty cheap during my first pregnancy. It is so awesome to be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you want. I highly recommend the investment.

You may also start to get very VIVID pregnancy dreams. All of my friends have talked about the cheating husband/significant other dreams during pregnancy. Why does this happen? I imagine there is a slight insecurity that goes along with being pregnant and gaining weight. I also think you realize how much you need your spouse/partner at this point in your life. I have never, ever worried about my husband cheating or leaving me so I have no idea why it comes out in my dreams, but it sucks. Pregnancy dreams are sooo realistic.

You should also be feeling a lot better and have your libido back. Some women claim they have A SUPER crazy high libido during pregnancy while others say it doesn’t come back until after they have finished breastfeeding. Who knows… I didn’t notice an increase with my last pregnancy, but this one.. LOOK OUT! It is perfectly safe to be intimate with your spouse/significant other as long as your midwife/doctor did not state otherwise. No, you will not hurt the baby. Some guys are a little freaked out by the process, but I think if you “break the ice” once they should get over pretty quickly. Some guys even claim that it is better during pregnancy.

The BIG anatomy scan!!!! I have mine in less than 24 hours and I am sooo freaking excited. I love finding out what I am having. Some couples choose not to find out… These people drive me crazy (jk). I have zero self-control and no patience… Some people claim that it ruins the surprise or takes away from the delivery day. I disagree. I think that meeting my child for the first time and seeing their beautiful little faces for the first time is so amazing. I am not a fan of pregnancy (as I have stated a hundred times) and finding out the gender just helps me get through the process. It allows me to plan the nursery and buy things for the baby. It definitely helps me get through. Now… with my first pregnancy my daughter would NOT show us a good shot between the legs to determine her gender. Thankfully, her uncooperative positioning also didn’t allow them to get other critical measurements and we got to have another scan a few weeks later. Otherwise, they don’t do any other scans and I wouldn’t have been able to find out. I am hoping and praying that this child lets me find out tomorrow. Some tips that I heard: Eat chocolate, have caffeine or orange juice. This will wake baby up and get them moving during the scan which should help with positioning. I will be trying all of these!


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