First Ultrasound/9-12 weeks pregnant

ImageAfter your first initial appointment with the nurse and bloodwork, they will likely schedule you for your first ultrasound sometime between weeks 9 and 12. This ultrasound is very important for many reasons. The primary reason is to make sure that your pregnancy is viable. They want to make sure that the fetus is growing appropriately and rule out a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. Once this is determined, they can hear and see the heartbeat. You will see a flicker on the screen. This is by far one of the best moments of pregnancy. This takes away all of the fears and worries that many mothers have during the first trimester. They may even let you hear the heartbeat while they are scanning. It is truly a beautiful sound. With both of my pregnancies I was a basket of nerves until I heard and saw my little ones heartbeat during the first ultrasound. Once you know your baby is ok it makes all of the sickness and exhaustion worth it. Next the ultrasound tech will take measurements to determine the age of the fetus and a more accurate due date. They will also rule out the possibility of multiples. My first question after hearing the heartbeat is always… There is only one…right?!? Don’t get me wrong, multiples would be a blessing but also CRAZY!  They will likely print out many pictures of your little peanut. Also a big bonus: Once you hear your baby’s heartbeat after 8-9 weeks your risk of miscarriage drops significantly. I still recommend waiting until at least 12-13 weeks before telling most people.

What is it like to be 9-12 weeks pregnant? Well… mostly the same as being 6-8 weeks pregnant except you may be more tired and more nauseated. Most first trimester symptoms peak around 9-10 weeks and begin to dissipate (for most people) around 12 weeks. If you are like me… then you may still be puking at 19 weeks! If you are starting to feel better or never felt sick and tired, consider yourself blessed.  If your clothes are starting to get tight, consider getting a BellaBand. I bought 2 of these during my first pregnancy and I used post-partum as well. I bought a white one and a black one. Once you have your clothes on it just looks like a cami bottom. This will allow you to wear your non-maternity pants for much longer! This is especially helpful if you are at the end of a season and don’t want to buy summer maternity shorts when you will only need them for another week or two. You can also use the rubber band trick if you are desperate and haven’t had a chance to get a BellaBand yet. Just loop a rubber band around your pants button, feed through the button hole and loop it back around the button. This helped me when my pants were just starting to get uncomfortable.


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