First doctor’s appointment/6-8 weeks pregnant

scared-girl-looking-at-pregnancy-testNow I am going to share the lovely experiences of early pregnancy including the first doctor’s appointment. First let me start by saying that adjusting to a pregnant body is not as easy as one would believe in the beginning. WARNING: MAJOR TMI ALERT… The first few weeks are full of gas, bloating, lots of unusual discharge, sweaty pits and break outs. Both pregnancies of mine had me extremely bloated and gassy from the minute I found out I was pregnant. I remember thinking that I looked 3-4 months pregnant already! Don’t worry.. this goes away soon. Also, you will notice some increase in vaginal discharge. This is normal as well (as long as you are not bleeding). There are a lot of hormonal changes and your cervix is changing. This will cause your body to expel some excess fluid. You may also notice an increase in the need to urinate. I remember thinking this was an odd side effect for early pregnancy, but it has more to do with hormonal changes and less to do with an increasing baby size. Sweaty pits and breakouts… Ahhhh. I remember looking like hell in early pregnancy. Between the extreme exhaustion and increase in sweat and oil. My poor complexion was taking a hit. The hormonal changes caused me to constantly feel like I was hot and then cold and then I would be sweating bullets.  Your breasts are sore and you may start to get nauseated. Sounds like fun, right? This is usually when you are moody as well. If it isn’t because of the hormones it is because you have all of these obscene things happening to your body! And you may feel like the last thing that you want is to be intimate with your husband or significant other. Don’t worry. This will also change.

Ok… First doctor’s appointment. If you call your doctor as soon as you find out they may bring you in for a preliminary appointment with a nurse. This is where the nurse will go over what you can and cannot do and what to expect over the next few weeks. They will also send you for blood work to check for a positive pregnancy and also to check certain blood levels like blood type, CBC, etc. They will also send you home with lots of pamphlets and brochures to read. These are fun and also tend to scare you a bit. Now is also a great time to find a great pregnancy book.  Some of the classics are “What to expect when you are expecting” and “Your Pregnancy: Week by week.”


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