Finding out you are pregnant: Part Two

Ok… So you have finally waited (or not) until 3 days before your missed period. You decide to take another test. You wait the 3 minutes and “OMG… Is that a line??” You bring it to your husband/friend/boyfriend/significant other.. They decide that it could be a line.. but maybe not. Ugh… Indecisive… Not what you wanted. Unfortunately this means that you wait another 24 hours and test again… OMG! The line is definitely darker. 2 lines! You are pregnant! You are instantly elated. Then a moment of panic sets in. Are you ready for this? Are you excited? Are you nervous? The mixed emotions overwhelm you.. You think to yourself that a glass of wine would be nice right now.. Oh… wait you can’t have that anymore… hmmm.. What else can’t I have? You do a google search and realize that the list is ridiculous… You cannot have any of your favorite foods: Soft serve ice cream, lunch meats, soft cheeses, certain types of seafood, coffee, alcohol, etc. Bummer.. It is going to be a long nine months. Suddenly you have the biggest craving for a cold cut sub sandwich… hmmm.. Now it is time to sign up for pregnancy online community like The Bump or Babycenter.


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