POAS— Finding out you are pregnant: Part One

POAS aka Peeing On A Stick… Oh the anticipation. After trying to conceive you will then have to wait… Many online communities refer to this as the 2ww (2 week wait). It is the absolute worst. I think we live in such an impatient world. We all want things immediately. We want immediate answers and instant gratification. This is one thing that you have to wait on, but it is worth every second. You may think oh my gosh I feel nauseated or bloated or I have a headache! I must be pregnant! Is this a symptom of early pregnancy?? You quickly take to google and find hundreds of discussion boards where people have asked the same questions only to realize that it means nothing… You still have to wait.. After a few days you think… AHA! I can try a pregnancy test! You run to the nearest drug store and stop… Why are there so many different types of pregnancy tests. There are Early Detection, Store Brands, kinds you pee on, kinds you have to pee in a cup first.. Wow… You opt for the 3-pack of early detection tests.(I highly recommend First Response Early Result 3-pack. Trust me.. you will need all 3! I have had the best luck with this brand of test showing pregnancy the earliest) You run home hoping that you can make yourself pee. You use the test and wait.. OH my goodness the anticipation is killing you! Many thoughts run through your head. I could be pregnant!!! I’m so excited! Oh crap! I have a wedding to attend this weekend.. Maybe I could wait a month… You look at the test.. It’s negative. Bummer.. You are instantly bummed out, but then  you realize that it is way too early to tell.  You aren’t even due for your period for another week. You make yourself promise that you are going to wait until at least 3 days before your missed period before you test again….

** Update for Pregnancy #3**

Well.. well.. well… I reminder when I found out (it was only 5 months ago). I was not due for my period for another week and I am a very regular person. It was the Friday before Labor Day (ironic huh?) and I was out of work and decided to crack open a nice craft beer. I took a few sips and instantly felt nauseated.. Hmmmm. I decided not to drink anymore and the thought of pregnancy crossed my mind but I quickly pushed it away since we weren’t trying and I wasn’t due for my period for another week. Saturday morning I woke up and got dressed to go grocery shopping and all of a sudden I felt this familiar twinging in my breasts. It was vaguely familiar to the feeling when your milk lets down. Hmmmm.. Should I buy a pregnancy test at the grocery store? I didn’t bother telling my husband at this point because I didn’t really think the likelihood was that high. I went about my day and bought my test and did my grocery shopping. My hubby went to the gym and I was about to have a playdate with my kids and me niece and nephew. I decided I wanted to know right then and there and proceeded to POAS (pee on a stick)……….. Next thing I knew there was 2 lines… ummmm what? Don’t get me wrong I was excited, but shocked. We weren’t really trying, but we knew we wanted a 3rd someday. I called my hubs at the gym and told him because I didn’t know what else to do. He said “uhh is that even possible?” Haha yes dear it is.


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