TTC AKA Trying to conceive

When you are trying to conceive you might think it is super exciting at first… then the reality sets in and it begins to feel more like a chore. Luckily for me I got pregnant on my first attempt with my daughter and my 2nd month with this pregnancy. I am not complaining because I know there are many of you who try for months or even years. I give you a lot of credit. Also, if you are still trying I hope you get your beautiful gift soon. I have several close friends and family members who have had difficulty trying to get pregnant. I would not wish this on anyone. It can be heartbreaking and frustrating. Trying to chart temperatures, cervical changes and monthly cycles is exhausting. It makes the beauty of trying to create a life seem like not only a chore, but a scripted job. I have heard so many stories of women who try for months or years and the minute they stop trying, they get pregnant. I am not discounting the many proven methods of conceiving, but I do encourage everyone who is trying to try to have fun and relax. Try not to make it such a task, enjoy it!


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